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Its time to move on as a blaps is a blaps (pronounced blups) and I’ve blapsed big time over the past couple of days with my diet. Now there’s some good South African terminology for you! Let ME translate. Simply, a blaps in South African English-ish is a mistake. In line with any good writing practice I checked this in the urban dictionary – and much to my unsuspecting innocence, it means something completely different to making an error. I choose to go with MY version – that of making a mistake and if you choose to check out blaps – feel free but you do so at your own peril.
Uhumm, so moving right along…from amusing translations and falling off the lascivious lorry to getting right back up and getting going again.
So what do I do when my body wants to expire from self-inflicted purgatory?
I go to GREEN!
Back to GREEN juice, GREEN soup and GREEN tea.
Green juice is a big, health happy boost all glassed up in a few thick sips. I’ve learned to love the stuff and with benefits both psychological and physiological, I can feel every one of the 70 trillion cells in my body doing a jog for joy as it goes down my gullet.
So what’s the big deal about drinking pulped or juiced veggies and stuff. There are many:

  • Full of vitamins and minerals. If you re making a smoothie and add avocado and/or coconut oil you get the benefits of healthy fats too.
  • You get lots of energy in exchange for a relatively low calorie content.
  • Easy to digest and full of fibre, it will keep satiated for longer.

The list goes on. There are plenty of green smoothie/juice recipes on the Internet and elsewhere, go have a look.
Here’s my basic recipe which I usually put through a juicer, simply because I have not quite got to the stage of eating mulched spinach yet. I’ll get there from here, but for now the juice of spinach is good enough for me:
1 bunch of spinach (use your discretion here, there are bunches of spinach and big bunches of spinach)
1 Courgette (baby marrow or zucchini, depending on where in the world you live)
1 green apple
1 Stick of celery
1 cucumber
1 thumb sized knob of ginger
1 small lime
I love the taste of ginger, it gives green juice a special zing and it’s a wonderful anti-inflammatory food.
Some of the above are organic. Some not. I’d love to go all out organic but living in the desert makes this option very expensive and sometimes impossible, although the options are getting better. I clean all my fruit and veg in a Fruit and Veg Wash which tells me it effectively removes contaminates! Whether it does or not, who knows, but for now that works for me.
You can put what you like into your green juice, and if you want a sweeter version add berries or a carrot.  A word of caution: Although raw broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, brussel sprouts, collard greens and turnips contain many beneficial nutrients they are goitrogenic vegetables which are counter productive to health when eaten raw. Boil or steam them for 7 minutes, and they are good to go in a smoothie/juice.
If green smoothies have not grabbed your fancy yet and still seem high on your list of yeuk-ness, I dare you not to judge this book by its colour. Give the green a go, and I assure you this power packed form of food will soon become sublime, sexy and certainly wont be a blaps in your day.

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