The last of the three Greens

Short and sweet today (although the topic is not so sweet) as I have writers block and you have readers fatigue!
The last of the Greens…..ta dah, drum roll….. GREEN Tea.
I have to admit this is not my favourite beverage of all time. I do not drink green tea for the taste. Oh no! Possibly because it reminds me of when I was at college and we used to drink tablespoons of dark, dried leaf looking things, which were bitter and made us giggle and gag but cleaned our systems out faster than you can push the cappuccino button on a coffee machine.
The fact that green tea tastes like college binges is my problem, not yours. I sincerely hope you are drawn to it faster than I have been, as it is considered one of the healthiest beverages around. So drink it I do, oh yes I do. With my nose plugged, my eyes shut and in one slurp with my mind focused on the green hills of England. Done all in the name of good health. One day I’ll try mixing it with ginger, also an anti-inflammatory wonder food, maybe that will make it more palatable. Sigh!
But hey ho, I drink it because it’s full of antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body and research has shown that cups of green tea can reduce the severity of RA significantly as inflamed and swollen joints, crippled hands and crooked fingers have been known to respond well to this pale green liquid. Yes, I’ll keep on keeping on whilst I dream of the big picture – holding onto my walking poles as I go “pole pole-ing” up Kilimanjaro again one day.
If you’d like to know more about other herbal infusions that will quicken your quest to perfect health check this out.
And if you know of any tea as healthy as green tea that tastes like Woolies Vanilla Chai frothed with coconut milk (now there’s a darling drink that makes me drool) please, please let me in on the secret.

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  1. Dragon Pearl Jasmine green tea is pretty palatable! Another healthy tip is to use the same green tea two or three times as different healing constituents are extracted with each infusion. Ali…I think there is even a ginger green tea out there for you!

    1. That’s encouraging, Thanks Deb! At the moment I’m drinking some Chinese herb concoction which looks like my compost heap but actually tastes very good. It has no name but comes in sinister little packets straight from the herbal kitchen.

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