Why water

Why water indeed?
Because without it you will surely die.
75% of our bodies are made up of water so it stands to reason that no part of our flesh, bones or blood can function properly without it. So, if you’re slow to go and your liver and kidneys are not kicking at full strength, your body will be full of toxins, triggering pain points (especially in your head, as in headache) and you’ll be very sore all over.
Water, next to oxygen is the most vital matter on earth and it sure does matter to our well being to drink enough of the lovely stuff.
It helps to keep the body in a balanced state by washing away toxins and in fact, keeping the digestive system cleaned out and thus inflammation free, which for the RA sufferer, means pain free too.
Need I go on, for I’m sure you get the drift. DRINK ENOUGH WATER to keep your body well hydrated and to keep it functioning at optimal level.
But what kind of water? You may well ask as there are many options and you will have to find what works for you.   (Heard that one before?)
Tap water in many parts of the world is dodgy at the best of times. Here, in Dubai, the land of sand, the tap water comes from the sea and is desalinated and hence full of chemicals which are acid forming and damaging to the body. Both inside and out.
Bottled water in all its ranges is fast losing flavour of the month status, as the plastic it comes in is steeped in ugly chemicals, which affect the endocrine system in a negative way. It’s also become apparent that a lot that’s bottled is actually glorified tap water that’s simply been radiated with ultra violet light and sold to us at a hefty mark up.
Then there are filters… carbon, reverse osmosis and others, including those which alter the ph. value of water. They do the job of removing toxins and lead in varying degrees from tap water and of course, some are better than others and the higher up the range, the more pricey they are.
The choice is yours….
What works for me right now is a carbon and reverse osmosis thingie that’s mounted under the sink. It’s not the ideal but its ok.   When I have them, I treat this filtered water with drops to make it more alkaline. I would love to have the rolls Royce of water filtering systems, the Kangen which contains the greatest anti-oxidant potential of any water available, but its hugely expensive and that’s just not going to happen just yet. I do the best with the resources available to me, and until that changes, it will just have to do.  What about you?

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