Sorting out Stress: Part 1

Simply, optimal health is what goes:
In      Out      On   and    About.
IN: what you eat and drink and do,
OUT: what you stop eating, drinking and doing,
ON: how think and how you react to your environment.
ABOUT: What you do about it all.
It’s human nature to be happy and to move towards pleasure and away from pain. We’re wired that way, but oh so often, we get these things all horribly jumbled up. Stress comes when we respond to what’s going on around us and convert it to pain instead of pleasure.
That’s all for today folks. For the past 15 days I’ve been writing about MY journey, hoping that you’ll find something, somehow, in it that helps you to short circuit your journey and find WWFY!
If I carry on writing right now, just for today, I’ll be putting myself into a stress filled situation, moving towards pain and missing the pleasure of what’s very important to me. This writing journey will be meaningless if it doesn’t serve its purpose and I don’t practice what I preach.
I’ll catch you on the rebound tomorrow, same place, same time. I’m off to watch my son compete in his first triathlon. Which in itself could be stressful.
Nah, my stress levels where my children are concerned are long gone, gone. They dissipated poolside and on the squash court over very many years. And as he’s well prepared, relaxed and ready for this, well then…..
Don’t worry, be happy.

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