How to get some sleep

Instinct is a wonderful thing and the instinctive behaviour of humans is simply:
When tired, shut eyes and sleep.
When our body tells our brain “ENOUGH already, I need to get some restoration going on here” the signs are, ¬†we get sleepy, we yawn and our eyelids droop along with our body language.
Problem is we fight instinct and fatigue and use artificial stimulants to keep us going through one more late or all night, one more report to write, one more movie to watch, one more party to attend and so it goes on…and on….and on.
Stay up too late, rise too early and give the toxic substances a good tonk.
Generally bad for human health, specifically deadly for an auto immune sufferer.
Here’s some help on how to get some sleep:
Please read, inwardly digest and then ACT on it.
I pray your sleep becomes sweet.

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