What happened?

Supposedly writing raises the motivation to look at life up front and close as it swivels and swarms in all it’s forms around us. After all, unless you’re the manufacturer of Harry Potter and the likes, you need something real to write about and paying attention to what’s going on surely has to be a good place to start.
Well, seems like I’m immune to supposedly’s because the more I write the more fazed out I’ve become and although my mind works overtime, half the time its thoughts are irrelevant and irregular. (Maybe age has something to do with that too!)
Such was the case today when I discovered that although I have written and posted a piece EVERYDAY for the month of October so far, the record of such on the 31 Dayers linked in page reflected several short of the 28 it should show.   I absolutely know that I’m a total terrible at Tech stuff and its taken me hours to find out and fiddle it all back to where it should be. Arggh!
And yes, I did write everyday, I just did not link properly so the posts were not reflected. Sjoe!
There’s a whole lot of stuff to note (to self) here:

  • Clearly I have no clue what the date or day is.
  • I’ve done well in following the first rule of writing – just sit down and write. Day after day…..
  • We’re much closer to the end than I thought, which means I’m much closer to not having to sit down and write day after day after day…. Yay! (or maybe not yay, as I did this exercise to develop discipline, day after day after day )
  • I only have four more posts to do and as I was saving the best till last, I now have a logistics problem of getting it all in and down.
  • I’m wasting a heck of a lot of time waffling on, so let me move on.

Yesterday I wrote of the benefits of moving more – especially for the RA sufferer. And as functional movement classes are my best I asked a well- known and highly respected Functional Movement fundie, Martine Kerr, here in Dubai to give me her thoughts on this as she’s well aware of RA. This was her recommendation and reply:
is one of the best write ups I’ve seen in a long time, though RA specific, applies to lots other forms. Better than what I could write. Big thing is that it isn’t a ‘death sentence’. Yes some will need to reinvent their sense of self with newly redefined activities to keep fit, being patient in times of flare ups. But being consistent is important and I firmly believe in strength training (KB swings are awesome for most as they load in joint friendly way and give great cardio boost) to combat the bone density issues. Obviously being mindful of learning good technique. Depending on which joints most affected, ex plans need to help build static & dynamic stability. Coordination & balance can be a great thing to train during lite flare ups with proper supports since more neural adaptations than physical.”  Thanks Martine.
I love the gym I go to twice a week, as its all fun, play based and very personalised.   I had so much wrong with me when I joined and basically they had to start from scratch and reteach my muscles how to operate in the correct manner to support and help my body instead of harming and breaking it down. This entailed times of learning how to crawl again, to sit and stand up using the correct muscles and many other fun activities to get my mind/body connection re-established and the neuro-pathways doing the right thing. Its on the cutting edge of a new form of functional movement excercise and sadly, if you live out of Dubai right now, I’m not sure if you’ll find another place like it. Lucky me!
Neuro-pathway playgrounds or not – just do something that makes you move. Start where you’re at and take it from where you can comfortably cope. Find people that will help and guide you and mostly

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