Dear New Mommy

Dear New Mommy
With that broken heart and heavy hope
who feels at the of end your life because the bundle you brought to life has sucked you dry and left you permanently tired and devoid of the high-life
whose husband is not helping or never at home and whom you silently resent and are yearning to hate
who is stuck in a rented space with no place to play and no breeze that blows
whose family is a million miles away without any idea
with shut down neighbors who can’t and won’t care about your ooo’s and the ouch
whose passion and compassion went out with the trash that you didn’t have the energy to move for three days, but then you had to – because…
Dearest New Mommy who lives in this holy mess
Be still and
Know that
You are NOT alone.
You are NOT a freak, a monster, a lunatic
You are NOT a waste of time and space
You are NOT unworthy
You are NOT anything other than
You still have your marriage (even if you don’t want it) and your beautiful baby and your breath breathing life
And where there is life there has to be hope which is
the confident expectation of something good.
You Are good
And God is good
And Life can be good
And All will be good
All because you had the courage to call and whisper Help!
I know it took all the energy you had and then some to tell me
your story through the trauma and the tears
all the sighs and the snot
Dear dear New Mommy
All will be good again
Because you are not alone.

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