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It’s one o clock on a warm and sunny Dubai winters day and I’m still in my purple pajama’s.  I’m not sick, I’m not lazy, I’m just happily  pre-occupied.  My wake- up intention today was to ride my bike for an hour and to make a dent in the thousands-of-things-to-do.  I’ve sewn a button on Lincoln’s shorts.  One tick on the list.  The bike ride – pffft, and the other stuff can wait another day or three. Dishes and laundry dont have a history of going anywhere.  They’ll still be there on another day.  See, I have my children back in the nest again after a five year stint of it being empty.  I do so love a full house.  And mothering.  I love the banter, the inevitable messyness with all the stuff that lies around, the kitchen clutter which never decreases and the constant need to feed. All of it coloured with loud and excessive pee-in-pants laughter at the silliest things.  Children, no matter their age, are so appealing. Mine are always welcome home even if it means everything normal (what’s normal?)gets put on hold and some days my purple pj’s dont come off at all.
In three days our home will become a quiet house again as we all head off to the Masai Mara in Kenya to celebrate Linc and my thirty years of marriage – with the kids of course.  We’re going BIG on this one to mark a true milestone in our lives, by the Grace of God alone!  How privileged we are and so thankful we’ve had  a such a wonderful family, to live our lives in.
And so begins a whole new series of adventures.  A full Buck family reunion in South Africa for Christmas, Sri Lanka in January, a bike ride through Vietnam and Cambodia in February and yipee wedding bells for the eldest-presently-unmarried and the now- half-wife in Cape Town in March.  After that, the itinerary will write itself as  my dream vocation of training trainers to train teenagers in leadership skills, globally, gets going.
Teaching+ teenagers+ travel = Heaven for me.  🙂
Definately included somewhere will be a trip to Macedonia where Rory and Carla will set up their new home.  Third culture kids at best! Born in South Africa, educated in Malawi and part Botswana, degreed in the US and working in Macedonia.  These days the world has small boundaries (sometimes stretched, challenged and battered by our green mamba – the not so affectionate name for a  South African passport, but thats another story!)
Life is busy and blessed, exciting and challenging, never still and always on the move…. and if I bump into you somewhere along the way or I’m in your small corner of the world look out for me –
I’m the tall blonde lady Probablyinpurple .                                                             (and that may or may not be pajamas!)

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  1. Oh, everything about this post encouraged my heart!! I’m in the thick of having little ones at home … and your perspective of loving having a messy kitchen again (and let’s face it, messy everywhere with kids around!) was so encouraging to me as I dread even peaking into the kitchen today to find what mess awaits me. 🙂 And I’m writing this still in my pj’s … they are gray, not purple, but it’s been a fun “pre-occupied” morning. 🙂 Oh, and then reading about happy grown-up TCK’s and how amazing they are, warms my soul. My TCK’s are still tiny and I still fear everyday that we are ruining their lives (I’d probably feel this if they were raised in our home culture as well though, I’m sure, ha!). But it’s always so encouraging to read other journeys of those that have walked this same road. Thank you for sharing! Made my day!

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