Hospital – not a place to rest

 Ok… I’m participating in a 30day deal that will teach me how to blog on a grand scale!  Its both exhilarating and excruciating in its big time shove out of my nice and cosy comfort zone. Especially on the tech side – two four letter words that have me rendered paralytic at the push of a button. The following two paragraphs are the result of a ten minute writing excercise, which, no surprise to me, I published in the wrong place.  Oh boy….  I’m now putting them in the right place.  I hope.

I’ve just spent a few days in hospital.  Having my insides out.  I’m ok and well on the road to recovery, but that certainly did not start in the state of the art hospital bed, which, with so many push buttons and lift up, go down, turn around and lie flat options makes for a whole new world of space travel whilst still terra firma.  Any little boys dream.  But dream I did not.  They don’t give you time to.  There’s always someone pulling or prodding or pushing something up your bum.  To make you sleep of course.  Needless to say, I was sleeping before I was awoken to give me something to go back to sleep.  That with blood pressure wrappers, crab claw pulse pinchers, temperature tellers, lift your legs, lower them instructions, and the constant drip drip drip of the drip – doesn’t leave much time for the much needed zzzzz’s to add up.
Nurses are a truly special species.  They have to be to deal with other peoples crap.  In every sense of the word.  People they don’t even know or arn’t particularly fond of, but all in the call of duty.  What wonderful dispositions they have.  How much compassion and gentleness is in their genes.  How beautiful and bountiful in their labour of love. Long, long hours on their feet to make the patient under their care a little more comfortable, cleaner and kinder in any way possible.  I salute you and thank you all hugely. Every nurse, everywhere.  Bless you.

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