Beautiful Belles

We come from all over: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada, the U.S.A, Papa New Guinea, Poland, Australia, Portugal, England, Zambia….and others.
Never perturbed by the summer heat, the humidity or the dark winter chill, we also come from all over Dubai at 5.30 in the morning to huff, puff, grunt and groan our way through killer upper body and leg sets with KETTLE BELLES. You know, those lumps of lead attached to a handle that one casually floats around. All 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 kilograms worth – just for the fun and formation of muscles and core and sexy healthy booties bodies.
We banter through burpees and cry through cleans. We swear through swings and shout at snatches, making sure our hips are hip while the music is hop.   The next day we curse and cry again ‘cos every movement a mountain and even our hair hurts. But, it’s that good kind of hard and a well satisfied ouch! knowing that our fat has cried and we’ve sweated streams.
And these belles girlies, ahh, the best of the rest and the type from dreams.
We care and we’re kind and we whatsapp swelfies (sweaty-selfie), all for accountability and if we dare, snaps of our plates and foodie fare.
We know about checking and keeping the best breasts we’ve got, so we get into the pink of awareness and take the shotIMG_3186
And then the pictures! THE pictures, these pictures – oh glory!
With props as loud as the laughs they produce, look well and see as each has a story.
Forget the I’ve-got-to-get-to-work and the time that it takes, to create the cluster, the pout, and the just so legs. It’s all about the angles and the colours and the shadows from the sun.
And in the end its about a crazy and caring community that’s just too much fun.
Don’t you wish you lived in Dubai? And if you do, come and join us.
5.30am Tues and Thursdays. Sports City Rugby Grounds.
Bring a huge sense of humour and a dress-up box.

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