Full of Hope and Glory.

More than a few years ago, I hobbled into South African, Nadine du Toit’s life a wreck. Emotionally and physically. She’d come recommended by a friend of a friend when I desperately needed someone to kick start me back into life. And that she did… most graciously.  Not only did she give me a kick up the butt but she’s helped to tone and tighten it – a work still in progress but a work nonetheless.
Nadine is not large in stature but most certainly she’s larger than life. She bubbles personality and oozes charisma and five minutes in her presence makes you feel so enthusiastic about living that broccoli and beans can taste like baklava with cream. Rock solid, she’s got ‘look-at-THOSE-arms’ arms and a face that could make a haggis get up and gambol – yes, even sans make-up at 5.30 in the morning. She twists and turns her waist length hair into the most amazing up-dos; all learned off You Tube, which she watches from the treadmill at 10.30pm – the end of her long working day. She’s tirelessly and consistently built her brand, GloryGirl Fitness and not with the ultimate objective of raking in the money. She doesn’t do what she does to send money home and as she’s not supporting kids, yet, it’s not all about her either – the 18 hour days, the coaching and cheering, the influencing and inspiring are all to add value to other peoples lives and especially to help women find and fulfil their potential – as holistically and as naturally as possible. To do this, she not only mentally coaches and physically trains but contributes to glossy magazines both inside and out – from the pages as a writer and on the cover as a fitness model.
Clothed in effervescent joy, boundless energy and Lorna Jane colourfuls you’ll hear her laugh before you see her and under her ‘I’m-watching-you-out-the-corner-of-my-eye’ eyes at Belles and elsewhere, she’s careful to instruct and adjust while not shy to shout ‘come on’, ‘finish strong’ and other diplomatic words that could mean something along the lines of lazy. (Don’t know what Belles are? Read here)
And then there’s the fun and the funny… see here again.
She’s the person we all needed when we were younger and a fearless leader, pioneering the future full of hope and glory.  She has an expansive view of us, her followers and sees each of our unlimited potential far better than we do.  She knows where she wants to take us and where we need to be and oh boy… how much does she make us sweat in this?
A lot – because we mostly strutt our stuff outside, in Dubai’s weather, come pain or shine.

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