Diversity doesn’t equal divide, it equals divine

Writing stuff about my life or our lives must be paralled with coming out of the ladies washroom with your skirt caught up in your knickers. All’s well until you discover what other people are actually witnessing and sniggering about. Your heart stops, your face flushes and you wish the ground would gulp you whole. Exposed and very vulnerable. But once over the initial humiliation and horror and if you allow humour to pitch up, it turns funny and becomes a talking point round many a dinner table.
I love writing and certainly have enough subjects to write about – so while my fingers fly over the keyboard oblivious to what others may or may not think, I’m a happy Larry. It’s as soon as I push the publish button, my heart stops, my face flushes and I wish my computer and its contents would be swallowed in cyberspace. Exposed and very vulnerable. There has to be a touch of exhibitionism in documenting the life and times of ONEself. And arrogance perhaps? Neither trait on the wanted list of the world’s most popular person.
I love reading autobiographies and glaring into the lives of other people, both dead and alive. I covert and long for every letter and blog written by my own children, family and friends. The need to be in touch and connected when you’ve been an expat for 15 years hurts hard. Word from home brings on the warm and fuzzies and life becomes fluffy, though the longing always lingers. But just as living away from the mother country is our choice, so is it yours to read or not to read what I have to say.
I’ve learned much from the writings of others. I’ve been inspired, humbled, driven and motivated. I’ve laughed, cried and questioned the sanity of some. And my own. More than anything I’ve realized that we are all, same same but different. Just aliens passing through this one life we’ve been gifted. Our diversity doesn’t equal divide, it equals divine.
So as I push to publish this and future word and world wanderings, I hope you enjoy. I trust my vulnerability will not be too exposed. And if it is, just as with my skirt caught up in my knickers – you’re welcome to have a good look…………………………… cos the pair I’ll be wearing are probablyinpurple.

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  1. Ali …….. I love this keep writing my friend! It is a privilege to be able to share your thoughts and happenings while away from mother country! love and miss ya! always ….

  2. Ali, you are a born humorist! Most writers have to really work at being casual and conversational. You’re divinely inspired and have a flair for the whimsical 😉 All us writers are, as you say, “exhibitionists”, but self-conscious… flashing your knickers and blushing at the same time — it’s hilarious, and thanks for the chuckles!

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