Does the sun move around the earth?

I taught today. In school.
Year Four kids – 9 year olds who ask just as many questions as 4 year olds. Like if the sun doesn’t move around the earth but the other way round, then why do we say that the sun comes up in the East and goes down in the West? Coming and going imply movement. Right? That and many of the others got an “Ummm, I’m sorry, I don’t have an answer, can you research it and let me know please?”. I swear the intelligence and inquiry levels of children are 1000 times higher than when I was at Primary school. But that was a longggg time ago and I guess times – they are a constantly changin’. Maybe it’s the internet and easy access to so much more information than we ever had.
Whatever. I’ll work that one out on another day, as right now I’m near exhausted, but delighted to have learnt about the new craze called Shopkins
and as I wrote plenty on a large white board under the heading of “Does the sun move across the sky?” I boldly declare that I’ve done my writing for today and can, with clear conscience, tick off day 8 in this 31 day writing challenge.
Just one last thing….as school kids are very much part of my community I’m reposting “Lots of lessons learned from 4 year olds” here and then calling it a day as I watch the sun set, way over there in the West.

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