The Bigger Picture

We’ve been expats for 18 years. Which means I’ve lived away from home-home and been a part of the international community for a third of my life.   It’s been an enriching and wonder-filled experience in every way, although not always a smooth or easy ride for any of us. However challenging, however hard, we’ve lived life and have stories to tell as we’re alive and kicking and living in Dubai. Thankfully, we’ve always been in the fortunate position of being able to choose where we live and how we live. We certainly did not leave our motherland under duress or because we had no other option. Not the case for many millions of others as right now the world experiences the biggest refugee crisis in modern times. My heart hurts and hangs in pain for these innocent people who have no choice but to run for their lives, many losing it in the process. Who can forget the pictures of those baby-boy bodies on the beach,  the terrified anguish of innocent children and the father who has watched his entire family perish right before his eyes? And maybe, like me you’ve felt powerless to do anything about it because its just so big and so un-beautiful.
children in distress
So, in honour of my international community, and as I reflect on the past two weeks and half way mark of this Creating Community Challenge, today I repost
What to do, when you don’t know what to do… about Syria and the world in a wobble
and trust that the extension of a hand,  the listening of an ear and the ever faithful cupcake, has been part of the bigger picture in some small, small way.

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